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Driven His/Hers Multivitamin

Driven His/Hers Multivitamin

$ 30.00

This daily supplement is the perfect way to ensure balanced micronutrient intake so you can prevent nutrient deficiencies from slowing you down!

  • 2000 IU Vitamin D for better calcium absorption and strong bones. It also helps ensure proper hormone production and immune function.
  • The trace mineral Zinc was added for a healthy immune system and proper cell growth and division, vital to sports recovery.
  • Magnesium helps regulate electrolytes and blood sugars in the body. It is critical in the metabolism of fuel converting to energy and neuromuscular transmission during exercise.
  • An antioxidant blend was added to help fight free radicals, lowering your risk of infections and preventing disease.
  • Gender specific support for males (HIS) boosts vitality and promotes prostate health. The female version (HERS) promotes skin health and has added metabolic boosters for more energy and fat burning.
  • The digestive enzyme complex works to improve nutrient absorption and delivery helping to prevent bloating and fatigue.

Support your active lifestyle!

Our daily multivitamins are a precision designed formulas that address the critical needs of the active male and female body.  His and Hers provides an ideal blend vitamins and minerals key to energy metabolism and nutrient breakdown, with added antioxidants, prostate support (for men) and hormone support (for women) along with digestive enzyme blend. This comprehensive formula includes 100% or more of your recommended daily value of twelve key vitamins and minerals, plus other vital nutrients to keep you healthy and active.