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Sassy Sage Burgener Seminar

$ 100.00

CrossFit Hippo will be hosting a one day weightlifting seminar instructed by Sage Burgener!! Registration details will be coming soon! Class size will be limited. 

This one day seminar will focus on the following movements: snatch, clean & jerk. You will also learn skill transfer exercises that help to strengthen technique and positions. All levels are welcomed.

Sage has been involved in the sport of weightlifting since the dawn of time (or so it feels). Her passion for Olympic weightlifting began at Mike’s Gym before it was “cool”.

Growing up, Sage assisted Mike Burgener at his certifications and then began leading her own seminars at the age of fifteen. In conjunction with coaching, Sage has competed in weightlifting for 18 years at the national and international level.

Sage’s sassy personality and true love for the sport comes to life when leading the Olympic Lifting certifications. There are few things she loves more than helping people to find confidence in themselves…one snatch at a time.

The day runs from 9-3 (with an hour break for lunch and mental processing) and I cover the snatch and clean and jerk and all the fundamentals/ skill Transfer exercises necessary for fully understanding and executing the lifts.

For the majority of the seminar, participants will only be using pvc pipes and light barbells. But at the end of the seminar, if people aren’t dying of exhaustion, I hold a little open gym session where people can test out all the new tips and tricks they learned throughout the day with a little more load!

All levels are welcome! I truly believe that advanced and/or beginner lifters can benefit from learning and relearning different teaching methods of the sport!